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Please support Ian's ongoing campaign to raise awareness of, & CHALLENGE, the Globalist rush towards 'Rampant Corportatism' ... if this inhuman agenda continues unabated, WE will be condemning future generations to lives of unimaginable abject misery.




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Started: 07.03.13

Web Links: UK

British Geological Survey’s shale gas groundwater study to omit Cuadrilla’s fracking sites.
Date Added: 07.03.13 Visits: 1684
Gas Drilling - Balcombe
The authorities deciding on regulation have repeatedly been proved duplicitous, ill-informed and one-sided on fracking.
Date Added: 07.03.13 Visits: 1330
PETITION: A Call for a Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas in the UK
The oil and gas industry is seeking to exploit UK onshore gas reserves trapped in shale rock and coal beds requiring environmentally damaging and risky techniques, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking). We, the signatories of this petition, call on the coalition government in Westminster to impose a moratorium on shale gas exploration and production, and on the related coal bed methane extraction industry, at least until the results of studies here, in other countries in Europe and in the US have been properly evaluated.
Date Added: 08.03.13 Visits: 1401
North Dorset councillors urge government to scrap "deplorable" fracking incentive
News/North Dorset District Council proposal
Date Added: 27.01.14 Visits: 1348
Vanessa Vine Versus MP Peter Lilley
Anti-Fracker Vanessa Vine takes to task Peter Lilley MP over the safety and value of fracking.
Date Added: 05.02.14 Visits: 1376
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